Quick and efficient

Quick and efficient

We bring your brands to consumers quickly and efficiently. From preparing shipments for transport, to receiving and processing goods: the service we provide to our partners both at home and overseas is founded on quality of service, controlled speed and the flexibility required for tailor-made solutions.

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Capacity and on-time delivery

Working under experienced management, our dedicated team takes the time to understand your concerns. We help your brands hit their targets by conducting in-depth requirements analyses and streamlining processes.

An ever-improving supply chain ensures security in terms of product availability and the best possible positioning at the POS as a foundation for appealing to customers in the best way possible.“

Alexander Maurerlehner, Head of Supply Chain Management

Maresi Logistics

The main task of Maresi Logistics is to plan, coordinate and manage the value-added chain, allowing our customers and our partners to carry out all their processes effectively.


Our specialists plan traffic routes and operational processes to match our customers’ specific requirements – and also implement these processes.


As part of supply chain management, all activities related to procurement, transition and logistics management are coordinated and managed effectively.


By successfully planning and coordinating, we can ultimately ensure that the right product gets to the right customer, at the right time, in the right place.